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Clarity Books

Because we all deserve a clear path to the enjoyment of reading.

At Clarity Books, we want to ensure that reading becomes a joy for all, regardless of any difficulties or challenges.


When concentration is diverted from the story and instead becomes focused on the process of 'reading', it can become difficult to enjoy.

Having studied extensive research into the problems posed for readers by dyslexia and associated conditions, we have ensured that the design and production of all Clarity editions will enhance and ease the reading experience.


All of our titles have been created especially for people who find reading challenging. These challenges can range from dyslexic readers to those who suffer from eye strain and tiredness.

Clarity books are printed in a large text size, using a specific font, ink colour and paper stock colour – all of which have been proven to promote easier reading.


Our titles are aimed at the UK library and schools market, and we invite librarians to browse through our current sales catalogue and also our PDF samples which illustrate the design and layout of Clarity editions.

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